With your help, we enhance living conditions, and provide solutions for sustainable growth and development, throughout the communities of Puerto Rico


From Seattle to Puerto Rico, you can help victims of recent earthquakes.

On January 7th 2020, the southwestern part of  the island of Puerto Rico was struck by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. There have been 7 earthquakes of 5.0 magnitude and higher since December 2019 and not to mention numerous aftershocks and smaller earthquakes. 

This has left the towns of Ponce, Guánica, Yauco, Guayanilla and Peñuelas and thousands of residents without power, property damage and total loss of their homes. Due to the ongoing possibility for more seismic activity, those affected have been sleeping in make shift camps,shelters and sleeping outside. 

As you can imagine, the island and its residents are still recovering from Hurricane Maria in 2017.

On behalf of Borikén Foundation, our goal is to raise funds to help relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

We are in process of working with other organizations and our volunteers in Puerto Rico to assess need and provide immediate 
assistance in terms of clothing, toiletries and other items. The foundation also has a tool lending library on the island and the goal is to obtain tools and generators. 

Please consider donating to this effort and please share with your friends and families.

Gracias ❤️ ,

Borikén Foundation Board 

Thank you for your contributions over the years...
We are now Borikén Foundation!  

We have evolved as a foundation and have changed our name to support our modified mission. What started as a foundation to provide support for hurricane relief, is now a foundation dedicated to helping Puerto Rico, rebuild, recover, survive and create more sustainability all over the island. Whether it's from a hurricane, or as we've recently seen in early 2020, through earthquakes, or any natural disasters. Whatever it may be, if Puerto Rico needs help, you can count on Boriken Foundation to support. 

We love our local community in the Greater Puget Sound area (Washington State) and are pleased to announce that we also have constituents on the island of Puerto Rico helping us carry out the work. Thank you all for your care and love for Puerto Rico and it's people. We hope to continue providing you with ways you can help directly impact the rebuilding and support for a better, more sustainable Puerto Rico!

Last year we started 2019's Season of Giving, by Donating to the Association of Fishermen in Puerto Rico!

 Our hope is  to give them a boost to help them successfully relaunch their fishing businesses in 2019. Together, with your help, we aim to set these hard workers up for a successful beginning to the New Year.

This is why we have set up an Amazon wish list that allows you to browse, purchase, and ship equipment directly to these fishermen who just want to return to work with adequate equipment that allows them to meet the needs of their families, and community... 

La Isla Foundation Helps One Human Family Coalition, with Home Visits in Puerto Rico!

As soon as their grant money arrived One Human Family Coalition representatives said: "We were able to start purchasing [the next] morning. The people we are visiting are so grateful. Thank you so much!..."

Grants are one of our favorite ways to support mission trips, community projects, sustainable upgrades and other ways to help Puerto Rico  

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Association of Fishermen, in 
Yabucoa, Puerto Rico


Through Amazon's Wish List Capabilities we Are Able to Help More Directly!

When back-to-back Hurricanes Irma and Maria struck Puerto Rico back in 2017, the fishing industry on the island was negatively affected. 

The Asociación de Pescadores (Association of Fishermen) Juan Sánchez Rivera, Inc. based in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, informed us that the power 

outages meant no access to freezers to store the fishermen’s fresh catches to both feed the people on the island but also to sell and make money 

for their own families.

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  Whether you chose to donate money, time, resources or ideas, the communities in Puerto Rico have felt your impact and appreciate your help. Below are some highlights of the accomplishments we've had thanks to the help of our community.

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