We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, created to help victims of the hurricanes that have taken a catastrophic toll on Puerto Rico; leaving many stranded and in need of assistance. We came together to collectively help rebuild the communities that were damaged or lost. All donations, no matter how large or small, are greatly appreciated. All donations will go directly to those in need in the form of food, water, supplies, shelter, relocation, etc.

We work with volunteers, other foundations, individuals and communities who's efforts align with our vision to enhance living conditions, and provide solutions for sustainable growth and development, throughout Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands.

You can help these efforts and partner with us if you have projects that focus on:

  1. Providing long-term solutions and identifying current and future community needs;
  2. Empowering local organizations and small businesses through grants and technical assistance;
  3. Offering comprehensive progress reports to major donors, to directly connect them with their philanthropic contributions;
  4. Working cooperatively with others seeking to encourage development within Puerto Rico.

September 20, 2018

Dear Community Members and Friends, 

On September 20th, 2017, Category 4 Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, leaving millions of American citizens without power and clean water for months and the unfortunate loss of 2,975 lives. Within a week, nearly 70 people, comprised mostly of Puerto Ricans residing in the Puget Sound Region, met in Seattle to discuss tangible ways to help provide immediate relief to victims of Hurricane Maria; this resulted in the creation of the La Isla Foundation. With the generous donations and support of those near and far, our volunteer-led non-profit organization has raised approximately $50,000 to date.

For the one-year anniversary of the hurricane’s devastation, we shared on social media some of ways La Isla Foundation has offered relief through volunteer work and your donations in addition to providing ways that we can continue to uplift and rebuild Puerto Rico together.

We are sincerely grateful for your continued support in the form of time and donations that have undoubtedly made an impact on and off the island, evident by the words of gratitude we have received from the people in the towns we have helped. 
A year after the hurricane hit, we set a goal for 2,975 people, one for every loss of life, to donate $5, about the cost of a medium latte, towards our ongoing hurricane relief efforts. Will you join us in pledging to put down your latte for one day and raise up Puerto Rico? If so, donate here.  

With gratitude,

La Isla Foundation Board

La Isla Foundation Executive Board:

Vicente Bravo


Erika Brown


Alyssa Johnson

Co-Vice President

Michelle Font

Co-Vice President

Cristina Rodriguez


Greg Petry