Interested in Joining Us? Here’s how you can help! 

In less than a year, our six-member board has led our team of volunteers to mobilize, fund-raise, and connect with vetted contacts on the island to meet the immediate needs of Puerto Rico’s hurricane survivors. While our accomplishments have been noted in the Seattle Globalist and given such a brief period of time, we have plans to achieve more as the need for aid increases due as the limited resources and media attention in Puerto Rico dwindles. 

Therefore, the La Isla Foundation asks that you join our mission today and become a partner in our mission to meet the current and long-term needs of our fellow Americans facing a humanitarian crisis on the island of Puerto Rico through the gift of self. 

More specifically, we could use the assistance of experienced writers, photographers, graphic designers, social media whizzes, those in the public relations field, event planners to help us with fundraising, and promotion but more importantly, we are in need of volunteers willing to assist us in a variety of tasks from posting up flyers to helping set-up and take-down materials for upcoming events. 

Not sure if your specific skillset is what we need in a volunteer? Simply email us at and we can certainly find ways to utilize your special talents. Additionally, you can also give monetary donations by clicking on Donate, above. 

Sign up below, to join our volunteer group in Washington, for future events and initiatives and follow us on facebook to see how your generous donations continue to support hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico.

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You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the handle @LaIslaFund

TIP: If you're posting photos from an event please tag us and use the hashtags: #LaIslaFund and/or #LaIslaFoundation. We'd love to share, retweet, and re-gram! :-)