Your donations have gone on to help others in the form of grants. Here's what some recipients have shared:

Benito Coto: Grant Recipient 

Benito's donation was handed to him today (April 11, 2018) as he was delivering his harvest to one of the restaurants that use locally grown and organic produce, Verde Mesa. He is able to consistently deliver on a weekly basis to some 6-7 restaurants. He mentioned how excited he would be to continue to source his harvests to the Puerto Rican restaurants.
 Pictured: Benito delivering his harvest being to one of the Verde Mesa Chefs and the check granted for his farm from La Isla Foundation. ¡Muchas gracias!

Foodscapes Caribe: Grant Recipient 

"I am happy to share that we visited one of the farms to help in a brigade and to deliver the help from La Isla Foundation. Anabellie from Foodscapes Caribe broke into emotional tears when we handed her the donation check. After a warm embrace and recovering from the tears, all choked up she said that "this really makes a difference in how we are able to continue to recover from Maria's damage, this really makes a difference in moving this project forward, muchas gracias". 

 They will use this help to restore the fallen green house among other projects they have in the farm. They agreed to sharing progress achieved as help continues to come. Pictured: Maria Elena, a volunteer at the farm (who received Vicente during his visit), Anabellie, who along with her husband, Carlos, run the farm, Poly, a VisitRico assistant, and Yoamadil VisitRico's Idealogist.

Request a Grant from La Isla Foundation

To request a grant, from La Isla Foundation, please fill out the form below. We will contact you with further questions to help make our decision. We prioritize high impact and and high-need projects that enhance quality of living, sustainability and community. Projects that align with our mission are favorable, but we will consider all requests. We appreciate your efforts in helping to uplift and rebuild Puerto Rico.